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Kickin' It with Byron Allen (Repeat, TV-PG) Byron Allen hosts interviews with hot music, fashion and comedy celebrities.
Entertainment Tonight (HD, New, TV-PG) Actress Chrissy Metz from the series "This Is Us" makes claims of child abuse; musician Britney Spears' romantic feud with musician Kevin Federline is explored.
Seinfeld The Glasses (HD, TV-PG) George's glasses are stolen so he goes to see Kramer's friend to get a thirty percent discount on a new pair; Elaine becomes afraid of dogs.
Family Guy The Big Bang Theory (HD, TV-14) Stewie and Brian go traveling back in time to stop the latest plot concocted by Stewie's archnemesis, who hopes to remove Stewie from history.
Mike & Molly Victoria Can't Drive (HD, TV-14) Molly and Joyce ask Mike to help spring Victoria out of jail when she gets arrested for various driving violations that were on her record.
Mike & Molly Joyce's Choices (HD, TV-14) Joyce starts to drive Vince crazy with jealousy when she takes up an old ex-boyfriend on his offer for a dinner date; Mike and Molly continue wedding planning.
Modern Family The Feud (HD, TV-PG) Phil lost the elected office of social chair to his Gil Thorpe, but his chance for revenge comes up as a wrestling match between Luke and Gil's kid.
Modern Family Spring-a-Ding-Fling (HD, TV-PG) Cameron competes with a popular teacher over the control of the school's big spring dance; Phil brings Haley along to the annual realtor banquet.
The Big Bang Theory The Alien Parasite Hypothesis (HD, TV-14) Amy realizes she has a strong physical attraction to Penny's ex-boyfriend; Raj and Howard try to figure out who is the better superhero.
The Big Bang Theory The Bus Pants Utilization (HD, TV-14) Leonard comes up with an idea for a smartphone app and asks the guys to help him, but Sheldon tries to take control, causing problems between him and Leonard.
The Drew Carey Show Steve and Mimi Get Married (TV-14) Steve and Mimi's wedding goes afoul when the minister is a no show and a casket containing Drew and Steve's dead uncle becomes the centerpiece for their big day
The Drew Carey Show Drew and Kate's First Date (TV-14) Drew's attempt to be more spontaneous backfires when he learns Kate's grandparents will be joining them for dinner; Mimi is furious when Wick ends her honeymoon
The Drew Carey Show Drew and the Racial Tension Play (TV-14) Drew attempts to quell the rising racial tension within his office by putting on a play about stereotyping; Lewis and Doreen develop a mutual attraction.
The Drew Carey Show Kate Works for Drew (TV-14) Drew is put in an awkward situation when Wick insists that he fire his recently hired assistant, Kate; Lewis enters a car contest to compensate Oswald.
That '70s Show Fez Dates Donna (TV-14) Donna agrees to go on fake dates with Fez in order to help him trick Caroline; the guys set up a pool on when Jackie and Kelso will have their first fight.
That '70s Show Eric's Drunken Tattoo (TV-PG) After reading Donna's diary and learning she wishes he had a dangerous side, Eric goes out and has Leo give him a tattoo; Kitty asks Pastor Dave to dinner.
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